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Lo que nuestros clientes dicen de nosotros

  • Posted:Oct 03,2013
    Overall: Comfort: Look: 5 Stars
    Very pricey fvor the exact same brands when compared with other stores
  • Posted:Jan 25,2014
    Overall: Comfort: Look: 5 Stars
    I created a buy quite some time ago. BTR has stalled repeatably, and cancelled two of my own four items. I am thinking about since the wait time has-been absurd cancelling my order completely, and I'm unlikely for my cargo any time soon. This experience will keep me from purchasing from them again.
  • Posted:Feb 04,2014
    Overall: Comfort: Look: 5 Stars
    I was disappointed the shoes in my personal size were out of stock on-line, yet in just a week they became accessible again.